traveller sheet set (pre-2021 version 4 model)

traveller sheet set (pre-2021 version 4 model)

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$19.99 CAD
Matériaux textiles
polyester OEKO-TEX®
tissus certifiés
Gardez votre petite tête endormie bien au chaud et propre avec le nouveautraveller™ sheet set. 

traveller™ sheet set wow ! caractéristiques :

  • Certifié Oeko-tex
  • adapté à votre matelas de voyageur
  • deux feuilles incluses dans chaque ensemble

Convient uniquement à la version 2017 - 2021 du traveller™ fabriqué (version 4).



Product Code: TRSH_V4

Matériaux textiles
polyester OEKO-TEX®
tissus certifiés

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Avis des clients

Sur la base de 4 examens
Great product.

Great to have some spare sheets for the cot. They fit perfectly on the mattress and wash easily.

Quality was good but not fitting

I ordered the cover for my camping bed which I had bought in 2013 And when I opened the cover ( while on a trip) I realized that the sheet is too small( too short) it was too late to realize and had no other option there, to I used it anyhow but it would have been much better if they were fitting!

Perfect for back up plan

This comes with 2 sheets. Makes cleaning one whilst using one easy. Fits perfectly, soft cotton

Safer for your bub

A necessity if your child is a drooler or constantly spits up. Safer for your little one to sleep on than a generic fitted travel cot sheet as there is no extra material and no way for them to get the sheet loose. The material is very soft but thin and not absorbent.

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