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We've got your back (literally!)

We've got your back (literally!)

Urban or Adventure? We have carriers for both lifestyles so you can explore with kids in tow.
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urban or adventure? 
This basic question is the first thing you should ask yourselves! Do ya want an easy carrier for those short trips into town & back, OR are ya after a fully featured backpack that'll get you lovin' the great outdoors – Bear Grylls style?!! Either way, a good nursery brand will offer you this wide spectrum to give you exactly what you need! 

mum with toddler in parade

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light as a feather & soooo compact 
Who wants a bulky & heavy carrier, that we BOTH know is gonna be insane to pack away, let alone carry around on your shoulders with a growing tot too!! 
Which is why you'll wanna look for something lightweight; so once you add the snacks, diapers & baby, you'll still be striding around town comfortably, & something compact to save space at home or in the car. 

independence plus! 
Let's face it, lifting your kiddo in & out of a carrier, again & again is gonna drive you insane! SO why not let them get in & out themselves?! All kids wanna feel independent, so look for a carrier that allows for easy access for them to do themselves – they'll love it, you'll love it! 

mum with toddler in escape

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stay cool, calm & collected 
Having extra airflow is a must when carrying an extra body on ya back! So it's really important to look for some kind of mesh panel detailing along the back of the carrier, as this will increase the airflow, keeping you from getting too hot & bothered! 

as comfy as a backhug! 
Comfort is key when looking for a backpack carrier, so you wanna look at ones that offer adjustable torso length, so it'll fit from the tiniest to the tallest of parents! Plus, there should be padding on the shoulders, hip belt & back panels for ergonomic comfort as this will contour your shape perfectly for a well balanced weight distribution for every parent 🖤 

lookin' good with a load on! 
An excellent & robust back pack carrier needn't look like you've just been released from the army! Nor does it mean you need to venture into an outdoors shop to get what ya need! There are key nursery brands who offer cleaner aesthetics that will be sure to please all mums and dad who want to keep it simple stupid! 


Meet the phil&teds® carry range and see what fab baby carriers we have on offer!

mum at supermarket with child in parade

awarded THE best!
parade™ is our lightweight & compact backpack carrier for everyday hands-free & fuss-free adventure around town! 
Voted the BEST lightweight baby carrier by babycenter (top parenting forum in the USA!) 

dad outdoors with child in escape

be ready for any epic adventure! 
The higher you climb, the better the view! 
Take ya bub on more Bear Grylls-style adventures with escape™. Top quality engineering & comfort for loads of hours to enjoy the great outdoors with your kiddo in tow! 

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