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phil&teds 25 year celebration

phil&teds celebrates 25 years

phil&teds® is celebrating 25 years of designing & innovating world class baby gear, after opening its doors from a Wellington garage in the mid-90s.
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phil&teds celebrates quarter century

Chief cook & bottle washer, Campbell Gower, says this is a huge milestone for the award-winning nursery brand.

‘We’ve come a long way from those humble beginnings. In the space of over two decades, the right insight and talent from a terrific team to create a uniquely appealing product set, and a brand that resonates with both mums and dads, has enabled us to help a million parents around the world adapt&survive their parenting day.”

Notorious for its cheeky brand and world-first innovations and ultra-adaptable parenting products, phil&teds products are sold in over 40 markets and 1000 stores worldwide.

“We understand parents need affordable, innovative solutions to make their lives easier; products specifically designed to enhance their parenting day, whatever that may look like.

“I’m proud to say phil&teds does just that; we create products that let parents escape the nursery jail and live a dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow. All our products adapt in some way to meet a family’s growing needs. In doing so, we create new categories, not just products!

“It’s why we’re the nursery brand in the world that caters for seven categories of the parenting day - push, feed, sleep, carry, drive, adapt and bath.”

From the world’s first single-to-double inline buggy to a portable cot that’s actually portable (as it’s lighter than the baby), and a brake that stops the buggy automatically, for over 25 years innovation has been a central plank to the phil&teds brand.

“We find that need - a problem to be solved - and deliver on it in both an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way.”

“With an eye to the future, we’re always looking at new innovations. Products that test conventional thinking, and push boundaries. Last year we launched an entirely new inline buggy platform, and in 2020 we reinvigorated our award winning poppy™ high chair and created a whole new category for parents at bath time with the poppy™ bath seat!’’

Parents around the world aren’t the only ones to appreciate phil&teds’ design. In 2015, the company won an international Red Dot design award for their convertible verve™ inline buggy.

“It’s a huge honour to be recognised on the global stage as one of the world’s best in design alongside well-known brands such as Ferrari and Apple.’’

“Not only is it certification for our team to really stand up on the world stage and be counted, but also because the judges saw value in the designs we thought would resonate with consumers.”

“25 years ago, phil&teds invented the world’s first single-to-double buggy; solving a key parenting challenge. Setting trends and global innovations, designing original and award-winning products that enable parents to escape being prisoners of the nursery and live a dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow; it’s what we’ve done, and will continue to do, from the other side of the world, for decades to come.”


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