now reading: Welcome to Pram Maintenance 101 Your go-to guide for keeping your pram in tip top shape!
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Welcome to Pram Maintenance 101 Your go-to guide for keeping your pram in tip top shape!

Welcome to Pram Maintenance 101 Your go-to guide for keeping your pram in tip top shape!

One of the last things on most parents' minds is pram maintenance. I know this from answering quite a few questions from parents that come my way, & for some reason, the consensus is that because they are used outdoors, "I don't need to do anything."
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But maintaining your pram is just like maintaining your bike - a few quick checks before heading out for a ride can make a world of difference! ESPECIALLY if you have air filled tyres (which are ideal for all terrain fun!)

Like most things that help keep you in shape, at the beginning, it's always hard to get into. But once you do, you can feel & see the benefits, & you wish that you'd done it earlier! 😍 Let's get into some tips & tricks to keep your pram looking & functioning at its best!

How do I clean mypram?
Prams go through a lot, from dirt & sand to saltwater & beach adventures. To keep your buggy looking fresh, give the fabric a regular clean. Brush off any excess dirt, hand wash with a mild natural soap solution, & rinse with lukewarm water. Maybe this can be a fun & educational family activity that you can get your older kids involved in. Nothing like a bucket of soapy lukewarm water to get squeals of laughter. 😂

Remember, no tumble drying or sunbathing for your buggy! For steel parts, a gentle hosing or warm soapy water followed by a protective spray will do the trick (light aerosol can oil, e.g., WD40® or CRC®.) & hey, don't forget to cover your pram if it's catching some rays - no one wants a faded ride! 🤣

How is mould created, and how can I remove mould from my pram?
If you find mould on your pram, there are common reasons why mould might develop on your pram, including:

  • moisture build-up - if your pram is exposed to damp environments or stored in a humid place, it can create a breeding ground for mould.
  • lack of ventilation - additionally, insufficient air circulation within the pram can lead to trapped moisture, promoting mould growth.
  • neglecting of a regular clean – this can also allow dirt and grime to accumulate, providing a food source for mould.

To remove mould, wash your buggy with warm water and a gentle soap, rinse well, and let it soak up some sunshine to zap those spores (be mindful of how much sun, as you don't want your fabrics to fade!). After cleaning, store it in a covered, dry spot - you wanna keep your pram away from dark&damp for safekeeping until your next outing. Nice & Easy! 😝

What's the best way to fill my prams tyres and what psi is best?
Start by sticking to the hand or bike pump for inflation. Pump those tyres up to a maximum of 22 psi. PSI stands for "pounds per square inch" & exceeding 22 psi for pram tyres could lead to a deflated disaster for you and your bub, or even worse, for your tyre, as overfilling could cause the tube to pop! Keep track of your air pressure with a handy tire gauge attached to your manual hand/foot pump. & remember, use the hand or bike pump for inflation - compressor pumps are not suitable for prams!

General inhouse & in car care - tyres
Rubber tyres can be picky about where they roll - avoid potential stains by standing your stroller on a protective surface indoors, cos your tyres can react with some surfaces (including but not limited to vinyl floors coverings, carpets, synthetic laminates, parquet and linoleum) and cause stains. Always stand the stroller on a protective surface when indoors.

Also, just a heads up - that the tyre pressure on your pram can change when it's hot, especially if it's in your car parked in the sun (your tyres may warp in very extreme conditions!) so please avoid overinflating your tyres! A tip if you're in a hot climate, try releasing a bit of air (a couple of psi) to allow for heat expansion.

General care – tyres air-filled how do I fix the wobbles
If your tyre isn't pumped up enough (flat tyre), it can get all wonky or misaligned on the rim. When this happens, your wheel might start wobbling, & your tyre could even pop off the rim! This is what it would look like, the white parts of the tyre are uneven.

This wonkiness happens because the tyre isn't sitting right on the rim. To fix it, give the tube a bit of air & make sure the tyre is evenly positioned around the rim, using the rings as your guide.

This is the video to watch if you know you need extra help!

How do I change an inner tube or tyre?
You may need to change your inner tube of your tyre ‘cos the tyre has a puncture due to a sharp object, general wear & tear or has developed a leak. Personally, I remember looking at my tyre thinking WTF 🤣 So if you're like me here are the steps to do it, so you can keep your cool – in video version too! 😎... You're welcome!!

  1. Remove the wheel from the buggy: to give your buggy some TLC!
  2. Deflate the tyre: Press that centre pin to release any lingering air - cue the hiss!
  3. Prise open the tyre: Grab your trusty lever and gently work it around the rim to reveal the tyre.
  4. Tag team with a second lever: Double the fun! Use another tool to continue prising the tyre over the rim.
  5. Free the inner tube: With finesse, pull out the old tube for repair or replacement.
  6. Insert the new tube: Slide it in snugly, making sure the air valve pokes through the rim hole.
  7. Reassemble the tyre: Gently coax the tyre back over the rim, avoiding any pinching mishaps.
  8. Pump it up: Time to inflate! Grab a buggy air pump or bicycle pump and pump away, aiming for a comfy 20-22psi. No car pumps allowed!

With these steps, your buggy will be rolling smooth and ready for your next adventure. Or sometimes it's so much easier watching the video. 🤭

So, there you have it folks - with a lil TLC & handy tips & tricks, your pram will be ready for all your family adventures. Happy strollin’! 🌟 #PramMaintenance101

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