now reading: phil&teds® reinvigorates popular parade™ carrier
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phil&teds® reinvigorates popular parade™ carrier

phil&teds® relaunches the popular parade™ backpack carrier that is lightweight, compact and comfortable - perfect for parents wanting urban adventures
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New Zealand baby goods brand, phil&teds, has re-launched the popular parade backpack carrier - offering families freedom for everyday adventure.

chief cook & bottle washer, Campbell Gower, says parade is the perfect solution for active parents wanting the freedom to get out and about with their kid, navigate around hands-free, without the footprint of a buggy.

Born in 2015, parade quickly became a stand out performer amongst the brand’s carry category. Today, Gower says the reinvigorated carrier - in new chilli colourway - features everything parents need for a busy parenting day.

“From the most advanced ergonomic adult harness on the market and quality foam padding, to support in all the right places and adjustability where you need it the most, parade delivers hands-free fun for the urban lifestyle.

“Little ones gain independence too, with the ability to hop in and out on their own, thanks to the kick-out stand and easy access from both sides. When out, kids can also carry their own gear in the detachable child backpack.”

Gower says carriers are great assets for families, but high prices often stop parents from investing, especially after purchasing an item such as a buggy.

“At phil&teds, we're parents too. So we work hard to understand parents in our 40 markets. Like us, they need affordable, innovative solutions to make their lives easier; products specifically designed to enhance their parenting day.

“With over 20 years of research and development experience, we find that need - a problem to be solved - and deliver on it in both an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way. Because of this, all our products adapt in some way to meet a family’s growing and changing needs."

Gower says “at the end of the day, we want parents to live a dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow and escape that nursery jail. Parade allows parents to do just that - with a lightweight, compact and comfortable backpack carrier.

As the original inventors of the world’s first inline buggy - and over 50 patents thereafter - phil&teds is the only nursery brand in the world that caters for six categories of the parenting day - push, feed, sleep, carry, drive and adapt.

“No other brand comes close,” says Gower.

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