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It's all about the storage baby!! 🚼

It's all about the storage baby!! 🚼

Hello, my name is Sofia, and I'm a storage Queen addict. If it clicks, stacks, & can turn chaos into organized calm – MAGICAL! AND if my manicured gels can tap dance along the container, I'm in heaven! Show me where to swipe to buy! 💳
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I don't know if you're like me, but I may be a lil obsessed with storage ideas for at home, work & play. Sad but true 🤭 I've even got a wee happy dance, when I find the perfect storage container!! 🤓

So, it makes sense that my social feeds are filled with amazing storage ideas, & now I live in a world where everything I own, from clothes to food, has its own space dividers, containers, and labels!! 🤭

So, with that obsession noted, you know that when I say the following are the coolest 🥶 & hottest 🔥 storage solutions for your phil&teds® pram you just know that I know... IYKYK!! 😍

The phil&teds® igloo inline® storage, tote inline® storage, ... these are 2 AMAZING storage units that are game changers for your every day!

They're not only useful AF for your outings, but you'll notice that they have the word inline® after them. This is where the magic happens! Because inline®, in the phil&teds® world, means that they have the unique feature to click onto your pram, utilising the connector that you would normally click the double kit™ second seat!! & best of all, neither of them affect your parcel tray, so you don't lose space at all, so that alone would give them both a 5-star rating!

Thank you, phil&teds®, you ACTUALLY get what it's like to be a parent & thank you for turning me from a pack horse to a unicorn!! 🦄 (My happy dance at this time would mortify my son 🙄 because I'm so joyously happy) 😆

Why you'll LOVE igloo inline® storage

To say that I reckon igloo is a game changer is the understatement of the year!! For me, igloo is like your calm place, your organizational haven. It comes included with the removable hardshell fridge caddy AND a soft-shelled caddy which you can strap onto the stroller handlebar for your personals at your fingertips (this can actually be purchased separately too!) Now, the fridge caddy is SOOOOOO GOOD! Imagine pre-packing your picnic into this and popping into the fridge, then the next day, bringing out and popping into the igloo, alongside other additions, then clicking it onto your stroller! You're gonna look like you are NAILING parenthood with that efficiency! & ‘cos it's insulated, igloo actually keeps your essentials & treats hot or cold... game changer... right?!

This video will show you how much you can actually fit in your igloo! what's in my igloo? 🍎 #philandteds #philandtedsnz #storage #pack #accessories #fyp ♬ original sound - phil&teds® NZ

Why you'll LOVE tote inline® storage
Having this tote storage unit clicked onto your stroller, working alongside your gear tray, is like having 2 tote bags with you - you've just doubled in weight capacity! For me, I love when it's on your pram, and you can start using it like a shopping trolley. P Just pop open onto your pram, & start shopping! Then when you're done, you can just pick up tote inline® off the stroller with the sturdy handles (much like you would with a tote!) & pop into the car or inside the house (so you can then fold your stroller up!)

phil&teds tote storage is easy to carry with added handles_black

This video will show you how amazing both tote inline® storage and caddy are if you wanna buy it as a separate!! 🥰 Blogger Sofia shows the caddy & tote storage solutions! 😎 #philandteds #philandtedsnz #storage #stroller #caddy #igloo #fyp ♬ original sound - phil&teds® NZ

So, as a Storage Queen addict & advocate of making parents' lives organized, I hope you can feel the love from me & have a new appreciation for storage solutions, especially like ones made by phil&teds® just for parents like you!

Hopefully, this will give you the right tools to adapt & survive™ your parenting day, & always looking fabulous, with your inner unicorn shining through!! 👏🫰

Sofia 🩷

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