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Behind the Scenes: Top 5 Q&A!  😎

Behind the Scenes: Top 5 Q&A! 😎

Hiya fellow parents, expectant parents, & the whole village it takes to raise a child! Last weekend, I went on an epic adventure to the Auckland BabyShow in New Zealand, & lemme tell you, it was like a playground of parenthood – think show-&-tell on steroids! 🤣
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Now, this BabyShow was not just any ordinary event; it was a universe of baby products, parenting advice & more baby bumps than you could count. I, your humble guide & expert in the world of phil&teds® products, spent the weekend chatting with incredible parents, expectant parents & families, like all of you – & let me tell you - what an honour it was! 🙇‍♀️

There was a huge scope, attending the Baby Show, from meticulously planned family expeditions that could have rivalled a NASA moon landing. 🚀, while others wandered around, desperately seeking advice & help – & bless them all, 'cos in the end, we're all in this together, right?

The struggles, the challenges, the elation – it was a beautiful emotional rollercoaster that I happily rode throughout the weekend, tinged with cute sheepish looks from expectant mama's rushing off to use the bathroom for the 10th time in the space of ½ hour. 😆 And surprisingly, I had numerous heart-to-heart chats with expectant parents of twins!

So, while I had the honour of representing & advising all things phil&teds®, I found there were some recurring questions from new & expectant parents, that I'm gonna share with you, as I KNOW you’ll find this helpful - ‘cos no matter where you are in the world, as parents, we're all actually in the same boat!

Here's the top 5 & they all have to do with probably the biggest ticket item on your 'must have’ list - prams & strollers.

Here we go!

1. Wheel dilemma: 3 or 4? Unveiling the best roll

This is a really good question, & one that requires YOU to dig deep into how you live on the daily, as it's not just about transporting your bub around, it's actually more about how YOU wanna live your life with kiddo in tow eg. Are you a bit outdoorsy & want a buggy that'll take on a bit of all terrain adventure OR are you more of a city slicker...

Main Difference:  3-wheelers offer the ABSOLUTE BEST in enhanced manoeuvrability & performance for active parents on-the–go, on all terrain surfaces; while 4-wheelers give urban parents a super smooth ride in more cityscapes, suitable for those who love the comfort of 4 wheels. It is worth noting good ole the urban myth that 4-wheelers are safer than 3 - couldn't be further from the truth! Well, at least in the phil&teds® world 😎 Our buggies have been rigorously tested to the most stringent certifications, & stability is one that we cover with a fine-tooth comb, so rest assured; our 3-wheelers pass the exact same standards as 4-wheelers - including for stability!

Parent Tip:  Take advantage of actually trialling out the stroller / pram you want on some different terrain s if you can – hopefully a retailer will allow you to pop outside for some true road performance! Also, magic if you can pop a weighted object in there, as ANY stroller is easy to push when it's empty – so pop a weight in there, & you have a more realistic feel on performance! Test its manoeuvrability, folding mechanism, and overall performance in real-world scenarios to make an informed decision. Be honest with yourself, buy the stroller that suits YOUR current lifestyle pre-bubs. 'Cos even though jogging strollers look legit out there on the streets, generally, you won't magically want to start jogging if you didn't do it before! 🪄🤭

The BabyShow we showed at, had an awesome stroller test track that many parents went to try out all sorts of models & brands – we got a heck of a lotta parents swing our way after doing this! I can't stress enough how important it is to experience the stroller in action!

So, whether you're Team 3-Wheel or Team 4-Wheel, remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in the world of parenting - it's down to your personal lifestyle!

2. Decoding modular seats vs. sling seats: The seating saga

Main Difference:  Modular seats offer adaptability and various configurations, catering to parents with an ever-changing daily routine – particularly useful for parents who wanna flex by having their bub face them or face out! Sling seats tend to make the overall stroller lighter & are more straightforward, ideal for parents seeking simplicity & ease of use. The feel between the two is also very different when pushing. ‘Cos the sling seat is sitting inside the stroller / stroller frame, the push is definitely a lighter feel VS a modular where the seat unit sits on top of the frame so a bit more brute force is needed to lift the front of the stroller up when poppin’up a kerb (for example!)

Parent Tip: Consider your lifestyle and the baby's comfort. Modular seats are versatile for different stages, while sling seats are convenient for lightweight portability and easier manoeuvrability. Some modular and sling seat strollers are not properly newborn ready (maybe from 6mConsider your lifestyle and the baby's comfort. Modular seats are versatile for different stages, while sling seats are convenient for lightweight portability and easier manoeuvrability. Some modular and sling seat strollers are not properly newborn ready (maybe from 6months up). phil&teds® strollers are all suitable from newborn right up to toddler years – just sayin'!

3. Tyre talk: air filled or puncture proof?? Unravelling the tread trends

Main Difference:  True, air-filled tyres deliver the best form of all terrain adventure, as they offer real bounce, topped with the buggy suspension; delivering superior cushioning over all terrain... including plenty of rough stuff. They do require maintenance&regular pumping, so if you have a car or are an avid biker, IYKYK! Puncture proof tyres gives you a maintenance-free journey & are usually made of EVA, however it doesn't tackle all terrain adventure as well as true air-filled tyres, so your lil bub will feel a lil more bounce on the more textured trails! They are ideal however in a more urban environment.

Parent Tip:  Be honest - if you’re wanting to have the ability to go all terrain giving your kid a smoother ride & yourself a better handling, then you've gotta be prepared to maintain and pump up those tyres! If you can't be bothered with this, that's OK, it just makes your decision making easier, and you go down the puncture-proof route!

4. Folding finesse & weight wisdom: A stroller's practicality

Main Difference:  Fold & weight was definitely a topic with parents, & a strong consideration to help with the final purchase decision! Stroller folds do vary A LOT – by model, by brand, & is definitely tailored to different parents & their lifestyles, so here are some things to think about – as sometimes they do play off each other & also you need to remind yourself of other factors that may help with finding the right buggy for you!

For example, does both the weight & fold need to be super light & easy because you want to travel with it OR you take public transport regularly – then that makes sense to look at the more lightweight, travel options like our go ™ stroller, which fits perfectly for this type of lifestyle.

OR do you have the car for those in & out quick errands, so weight plays a part of the purchase here, more than the way it folds? Thankfully with our phil&teds® range, we understand all this complexity of everyday hustle that is life, and all our strollers do cater for these considerations in mind! You can check ‘em out here - Adaptable buggies for 1 or 2 kids | phil&teds® (

Parent Tip:  Take that fold for a test spin to make sure it vibes with your lifestyle. Check online the instructions to view how it folds, even better if you can head into a store and try it out for yourselves! As more importantly, you'll be able to trial it in your car boot too! Also ensure that you and your partner in parenting crime has a go at the fold & lift - it's gotta be easy on the both of you right?!

5. The sturdy saga: Ensuring stroller resilience

Main Difference:  Sturdiness is the key to long-lasting durability, especially since not all strollers are created equal in terms of quality! It's crucial to match the sturdiness of a stroller with your lifestyle & expectations – sure all products out there SHOULD have been tested to be even selling, but let's be honest; an umbrella stroller that's been certified is still not gonna cut it if you're planning to take a hike off the beaten track – be realistic!

To ensure reliability and safety, take a close look at the build quality, materials used & overall construction. Most stroller details are readily available on the manufacturer's website. In the case of phil&teds®, all these specifics can be found under the specifications section. Checking these details will give you the confidence & assurance you need in selecting a reliable stroller!

Parent Tip: Prioritize safety & longevity. opt for quality over aesthetics.

So, to wrap it up, choosing the right stroller not only depends on its features, but also on how well it aligns with YOU & how you roll on the daily! Are you a city slicker or a trailblazer in the great outdoors? Consider your preferences, daily routines, and the environments you frequent to make the best choice for you & your bub, & remember, it's not about what your friends or fave influencer has – this isn't clothes you can easily buy online easily, this is about having a big ticket item perform how YOU need for YOUR OWN individual lifestyle!

So, there you have its folks – a snapshot of the Auckland BabyShow with what up-&-coming parents like you, are asking - & it's centred purely around the stroller / pram! To learn more about what other factors to consider – head over to our page to read more - Buggies for 1 or 2 kids | phil&teds® (

It was an awesome experience & fun-filled weekend topped with laughter, shared stories, & a collective realization that we're all just doing our best in this wild & crazy world of parenting! Day in life at the BabyShow! @babyshownz #philandteds #philadntedsnz #babyshow #dayinthelife #blog #team #fyp ♬ Vlog Music Background (Live) - Zen music

Until the next adventure, keep rolling with the punches and embracing the chaos – it's what makes the journey oh-so-memorable! 🚼💕

Happy decision making, happy strolling, & may your wheels roll smoothly through the beautiful chaos of parenthood! 🛒👶💨 If you've got a question, comment below & I'm happy to help!

adapt&survive™ team, & to all you parents who came to visit us - you're all AMAZING!!!

Sofia 🩷


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