SUPPORT - phil&teds cushy ride & double kit cushy ride – free replacement (canada only)

phil&teds is announcing in cooperation with Health Canada a voluntary "Recall to Replace" our Cushy Ride Stroller Liners sold as an accessory from 2009 to July 10, 2015. This padded liner comes in various colours, such as light blue, pink, mustard yellow and olive. It provides added comfort for use in children’s strollers.

How to Identify Inventory

Cushy Ride Colour Item Code (large - main seat) Item Code (small - double kit)
Red VCR_V1_11 VDKCR_V1_11
Pink VCR_V1_17 VDKCR_V1_17
Light Blue VCR_V1_33 VDKCR_V1_33
Mustard Yellow VCR_V1_4 VDKCR_V1_4
Black VCR_V1_5 VDKCR_V1_5
Olive VCR_V1_8 VDKCR_V1_8


vibe vibeDK cushy ride recall1

At that time of production, the lowest detectable limit of testing quantification was 600 mg/kg for TCEP in PU foam and no detectable TCEP was detected on the product. The cushy ride was tested in June 2015 with recently updated testing procedures to show the Cushy Ride was testing at a range of 314 to 330 mg/kg of TCEP, above the new acceptable level of 0 since TCEP was added as a hazardous material by Health Canada in 2014.   Health Canada has published that any product made, in whole or in part, of polyurethane foam (PUF) contains tris (2-chlorethyl) phosphate (TCEP) and has the potential pose a chemical hazard to young children under three years of age. Migration of TCEP from PUF products as a result of young children’s mouthing behaviour may contribute to oral exposure to this substance including through fabric covering, sucking or chewing.

Neither phil&teds nor Health Canada has received any reports of incidents or injuries to Canadians related to the use of this product.

If you have purchased a cushy ride liner please stop using the product. These products should be discarded in your household garbage in such a way that they cannot be used or re-sold. For getting your replacement, please fill in the form from  here . Should you have any queries, please email to