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phil&teds dash lightweight inline stroller double kit in red 3 qtr view_red more info dash™ double kit™ DASHDK_V5 from $33.99 CAD $169.99 CAD
phil&teds escape carrier in chilli 3/4 view_chilli more info escape™ freedom for serious adventure CE_V2 from $251.99 CAD $279.99 CAD
phil&teds sport v5 all terrain inline stroller with autostop award winning made for mums in cherry red 3qtr view_cherry more info pre-2019 sport™ buggy with FREE double kit™ innovative&all terrain $237.99 CAD $625.98 CAD
phil&teds dash lightweight inline stroller winner editors choice award 2018 in black 3qtr view_black more info 50% OFF pre-2019 dash™ stroller with FREE double kit™ $287.99 CAD $744.98 CAD
phil&teds smart stroller v3 cherry red lightweight travel mother and baby award winner 3qtr view_cherry smart compact&ready to go PT-SMART_V3 $199.99 CAD $399.99 CAD
phil&teds award winning voyager buggy in blue marl 3/4 view_blue marl more info 50% off pre-2019 voyager™ buggy and double kit™ modular&complete $484.99 CAD $969.98 CAD
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