poppy modes kit (2020+)

phil&teds poppy modes kit accessory shown in use on a dining chair and as a floor seat_assorted
two kids showing the versatile adaptability of the poppy™ modes kit, allowing attachment to a dining chair or converting to a floor seat for your baby
phil&teds poppy modes kit showing included items_assorted
phil&teds poppy modes kit feet shown on poppy high chair base used as a floor seat_assorted

poppy modes kit (2020+)

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$19.99 CAD $15.99 CAD
Fabric materials
nylon webbing strap, plastic feet
Product weight
Safety certified
EN 16120:2012 + A2:2016
ASTM F2640-18 (16 CFR 1237)

No need to buy more at-home seating solutions! With the handy dandy modes kit you can transform your poppy™ (2020+) or poppy™ wood into a booster seat OR a floor chair - saving you precious floor space and money!

compatible with:





winning features
boostify your poppy seat safely!
get closer to the food or the fun!
unleash the potential of poppy!
Fabric materials
nylon webbing strap, plastic feet
Product weight
Safety certified
EN 16120:2012 + A2:2016
ASTM F2640-18 (16 CFR 1237)

Setting up your poppy™ modes kit (2020+) is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!


adapt your poppy™ modes kit (2020+) with these must-have accessories

phil&teds award winning poppy high chair with wood legs showing dual high chair and my chair modes_black seat liner poppy™ wood highchair high chair to my chair PT-POPPYWOOD_V2 $159.99 CAD sold out
phil&teds award winning poppy high chair seat liner with four colour options poppy™ seat liner PT-POPPYSEATLINER_V2 $15.99 CAD $19.99 CAD

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
The T bar should be a little thinner for bigger babies

Great high chair! Very easy to wipe down and clean after messy baby has been in it. The design allows for baby to sit up properly without slouching or slipping down. I wish the t-bar was a little thinner though as my baby wears cloth nappies and it is a little snug. I wonder how bigger babies fit in it?

Hi Anna. Thanks for your review! Great to hear you're enjoying your poppy high chair. p&t

Wide base: more than what is expected

I got poppy liner and high chair. I love the idea that i can turn it to table in chair in time that my little one doesn't outgrow the high chair, thus i purchased this product. I love that it is easy to clean and easy to asemble. I decided to purchase a yellow extra seat but i hope that there was an option to choose color of the seat liner to avoid unnecessary expenses. The base is a little bit wide for our small space. Also, my little one likes to lean back and i hope there is a cushion on it.

Hi Rj. Thanks for your review.
Great to hear you're loving how easy poppy is assemble & keep clean & that you're gonna get a tonne of use from poppy in my chair and table modes!

Hillary Freeman
3rd baby and finally figured it out

This highchair has it all; easy to assemble, easy to clean, and baby sits up nice and tall in it(which means a better eater especially if BLW). Our first highchair which was very pricy and got us through 2 kids was never very easy to clean and up until our kids were about one they sat too low in it(they are tall kids too). As a third time mommy I appreciate zero fabric on this highchair and zero weird tray or strap connections for grandparents and babysitters to figure out. My husband was not on board with buying a new highchair with our 3rd and probably last baby but now he thinks we should have done it sonner. Great price point and great design!

Hi Hillary

Thanks for your great review on poppy! We're so happy to hear you've found the perfect high chair for baby number 3 :) PT x

the perfect highchair

all ticks from us - easy to pop bubs in, easy to clean and so much longevity

Love the poppy highchair

Love the Poppy high chair Easy to assemble, fit baby and clean

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