inline® & double kit™ bundles

With over 20 years of constant movin’ & shakin’ the nursery industry with our genius inline® prams, we’ve helped tens of thousands of parents around the world adapt&survive their parenting day as their families grow from 1 to 2!

We drew inspiration by the good ole kiddies trikes, where one kid always playfully stood in the back. We saw potential to bring this way of kids play to life, and make this a real handy solution for parents as they go about their adventures with kids in tow!

These buggy&double kit bundles offer a range of options to suit all family situations

3 Results
phil&teds inline sport buggy with double kit in inline mode more info sport™ & double kit™ sporty inline® sport-buggy-with-double-kit $899.99 CAD
phil&teds sport verso inline buggy in double or twin - rear facing lie flat newborn mode with front facing double kit toddler rear seat using - open sun hoods - 3/4 view_butterscotch more info sport verso™ & double kit™ sporty&modular inline® sport-verso-with-double-kit $958.99 CAD
phil&teds voyager inline buggy with double kit in inline mode more info voyager™ & double kit™ uptown inline® voyager-buggy-with-double-kit $959.98 CAD