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phil&teds lobster high chair in apple colour 3/4 view_apple more info lobster™ portable high chair have lobster at the table everyday! LB_V1 from $66.99 CAD $99.99 CAD
phil&teds sport inline all terrain with auto stop stroller with double kit in black 3 qtr view_black SOLD
2015 - 2019 sport™ stroller & double kit SPORTPR_V5 $299.99 CAD $599.99 CAD sold out
phil&teds TS33 car seat adaptor 3/4 view_default SOLD
TS33 - Chicco Keyfit & Graco Click Connect 35 TS33_V1 $17.50 CAD $69.99 CAD sold out
phil&teds sport navigator inline stroller double kit in apple green 3qtr view_apple SOLD
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sport™ 2015 - 2019 double kit SPORTDK_V5 from $75.00 CAD $149.99 CAD sold out
sport buggy (pre 2019) SOLD
sport buggy (pre 2019) innovative&all terrain SPORT_V5 $238.00 CAD $475.99 CAD sold out
phil&teds smart rain cover on buggy 3qtr view_default smart storm cover SM3SC_V3 $8.75 CAD $34.99 CAD
phil&teds TS21car seat adaptor set front on view_default TS21 - phil&teds, Mountain Buggy, Maxi-Cosi & Cybex TS21_V2 $17.50 CAD $69.99 CAD
phil&teds smart sun cover on buggy 3qtr view_default smart mesh cover SM3MC_V3 $11.25 CAD $44.99 CAD
phil&teds compact smart buggy with no liner 3/4 view_black smart™ PT-SMART_V3.6 $89.99 CAD $360.00 CAD
phil&teds go light and compact buggy in 3 qtr view_black go™ PT-GO_V1 $110.00 CAD $220.00 CAD
phil&teds navigator double kit in cherry 3/4 view_cherry more info sport 2015 - 2019 double kit NAVDK_V2 $85.00 CAD $169.99 CAD
phil&teds dash storm cover in single mode with child in main seat 3/4 view_default SOLD
dash™ storm cover DSS_V5 $8.75 CAD $34.99 CAD sold out