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phil&teds snug carrycot lid in chilli red colour_chilli more info snug™ carrycot lid PT-CARRYCOTLID_V6 $29.99 CAD
phil&teds voyager main seat and double kit storm cover on voyager buggy 3/4 view_default sport verso™, voyager™ & double kit™ storm cover PT-VOYAGER-STORMC_V6 $29.99 CAD
phil&teds caddy storage bag in black 3/4 view_black caddy pack&store PT-STORAGE-CADDY_V6 $29.99 CAD
traveller_2021_mattress-sheet-x2_default traveller™ (2021+) sheet set TRSH_V5 $24.99 CAD
phil&teds dash v5 double kit adjusters_black SOLD
dash™ double kit attachment brackets DDKAP_ $22.99 CAD sold out
phil&teds sport axle set_black rear wheel axle set SPaxleset_ $20.00 CAD
Replacement pair of 12 inch mudguards for phil&teds buggies sport™; sport verso™; voyager™; dash™ (2019+) rear wheel guards PT-PMudguard12setV6_ $20.00 CAD
phil&teds traveller portable travel baby cot slim shady_default traveller™ toggle-on mesh cover TRSM_V4 $19.99 CAD
phil&teds traveller portable travel baby cot sheet set_default traveller™ sheet set (pre-2021 version 4 model) TRSH_V4 $19.99 CAD
phil&teds 12 inch tyre set with white wall_black SOLD
12" tyre set PT-PTyrewwset_ $19.99 CAD sold out
traveller_2021_plus_toggle-on_mesh_cover_default traveller™ (2021+) toggle-on mesh cover TRSM_V5 $14.99 CAD
phil&teds extender clip set_default extender clip set clip&go PT-VOYAGER-EXTSET_V6 $14.99 CAD
phil&teds shade stick umbrella fully open_black shade stick stroller umbrella PTUMSHADE_ $14.99 CAD
phil&teds double kit hinge set_black double kit™ hinge set E3dkhv2_ $13.99 CAD
Replacement pair of mudguards for dot 2019+ strollers dot rear wheel guards PT-PMudguard10setV6_ $12.99 CAD
phil&teds TS40 car seat adaptor set front on view_default TS40 - alpha™, Mountain Buggy® protect™, Maxi Cosi & Cybex Aton to smart™ and mod™ TS40_V1 $12.49 CAD $49.99 CAD
phil&teds universal bottle holder 3/4 view_default SOLD
universal bottle holder refresh&refuel UCH_V1 $11.99 CAD sold out
go™ all weather cover set go™ all weather cover set GOCSET_V1 $11.25 CAD $44.99 CAD
phil&teds go travel system belt rolled up_default universal car seat adaptor go™ buggy single belt style GO-TSB_V1 $9.99 CAD
phil&teds close up view of buggy cup and bottle holder attached to buggy_black cup holder refresh&refuel PT-CH_V1 $5.99 CAD