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arapaho bench stroller walks in fort collins

Popular Stroller Walks in Fort Collins

We're taking the time to write a series on stroller walks. Today the lens is on popular stroller walks in Fort Collins
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At phil&teds we’re parents too, so we understand the challenges of the parenting day. One of these challenges, in particular, is finding stroller walks that are stroller friendly, while being a little more interesting than a regular footpath on a suburban street.

We’re taking the time to write a series on stroller walks, to give you a few ideas for when you really need to get out of the house andget the legs moving. Today the lens is on popular stroller walks in Fort Collins. arapaho bench stroller walks in fort collins

You Ess Aye! You Ess Aye!

Today we're going to talk about the United States of America, particularly the state of Colorado. Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the USA. With ski fields and alpine forests less than an hour from most of the major centres, there’s no wonderColoradoan’s are known as keen outdoorsy types. The amazing thing about Colorado is that you don’t need to go right out into the wilderness to experience the spectacular scenery. Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins are all less than an hours drive to the mountains and countless outdoor activities.

Let’s talk about stroller walks in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is proudly one ofthe most livable cities in the USA with spectacular hiking trails and a historic and walkable CBD that has college-town energy.With so many local scenic walks and attractions, we thought we’d share with you a few of our favorites.

Lee Martinez Farm trails

The Farm at Lee Martinez Park has provided hands-on family fun since 1985. The Farm serves as an educational and interactive experience for Fort Collins residents and visitors.

Farm at Lee Martinez Park

You can explore the farm and see how it operates, visit the hayloft, chicken house, barn, and make craft projects to take home. The farm is family friendly and all the paths are walkablewith a stroller.

Rolland Moore Park

The park is located adjacent to twoCity Natural Areas, and bordered partially by an irrigation ditch system that contributes to the wildlife corridors in the park.    

Rolland Moore Park

The Park is named after Rolland Moore who was the Parks Superintendent for the City of Fort Collins for 37 years. Rolland Moore Park is great for3 or 4 wheel strollers as there are accessible concrete paths and grass areas to walk on.

Arapaho Bend Trail

Arapaho Bend is a scenic entryway into Fort Collins with natural and cultural features to enjoy! Arapaho Bend is a popular fishing spot and is frequented by equestrians. You may see or hear some of the over 80 species of birds that use the habitat here including American white pelicans, prairie falcons, and cormorants. Visitors also may see mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, beavers, coyotes, foxes and deer. stroller walks in fort collins arapahoe bend You can also see the ruins of the historic Strauss Cabin, one of the earliest log cabins in the area. The log cabin site provides opportunities for relaxing recreation with impressive views of the mountains and a glimpse into Fort Collins past. We would recommend using anall terrain stroller when visiting this site.

Horsetooth Falls

Horsetooth Falls is one of the shortest trails in the area. Thishike is idealbecause it is short enough for families with young children, and dogs are allowed.

Horsetooth Falls

The trail starts at the base of the mountain park and climbs through grassy fields for about half a mile. Hikers will find true mountain scenery after this first half mile. The trail is lined by several species of pine trees, as well as wildflowers in the summer. Deer, several bird species, and several rodent species can also be spotted from the trail. Hikers will continue to follow the well-defined path for another half mile and soon arrive at the falls. The waterfall drops into a shallow water pool that hikers are welcome to wade in if they desire. Adventurers can explore the area surrounding the falls by hiking down to the creek leading from the waterfall or hiking behind the fall. Looking east on the way back, hikers will see the city of Fort Collins from an elevated view. Looking to the west, hikers will see the snow-capped Rocky Mountain Range towering in the distance. The trail can be completed relatively quickly (around 30 minutes for power hikers) which leaves plenty of time to explore other trails for the rest of the day. We recommend tackling this trail withan all terrain stroller as it is an unpaved hiking trail.

Cache La Poudre River trail

The Poudre River Trailis 21 miles of well maintained paved pathway for walking, cycling, running, roller-blading and more. The trail extends from Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley to Colorado Highway 392 in Windsor where it connects to the paved trail in Larimer County's River Bluff's Open Space.

Cache La Poudre River trail

The trail is open to the public and includes informational signs that highlight many of the historical sites and educational opportunities to visit along the trail. We also recommend anall terrain stroller or ahiking carrier for this walk as it gives you the opportunity to go off the well beaten path. 

In Fort Collins, stroller walks are everywhere!

We may be a little biased, but we think that Fort Collins is one of the most beautiful locations in the USA. There are so many locations that showcase nature at its most majestic while still being accessible by stroller and short enough to befamily friendly.

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