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embracing Road Safety Week: be a road safety hero

embracing Road Safety Week: be a road safety hero

In New Zealand, Road Safety Week is here, & it's the perfect time to focus on keeping our families safe on the road. This year's theme, "Be a Road Safety Hero," reminds us of the crucial role we play in preventing accidents & ensuring the safety of our loved ones.  
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As parents, we have this wonderful & unique opportunity to teach our kids the importance of road safety & set a positive example for our lil ones to follow. 🤓

Why road safety matters

Road accidents are a leading cause of injury & death worldwide. The World Health Organization reports that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children & young adults aged 5-29 years. Globally, thousands of children lose their lives in car crashes each year. These heartbreaking statistics highlight the need for effective road safety measures to protect our kids. For more detailed statistics, you can read articles from reputable sources like the World Health Organization

Teaching road safety to our kids

Starting early with road safety education is key. Here are some cool fun & engaging ways to teach your children about staying safe: 🤗

Role-Playing: Turn learning into a game. Role-play crossing the street safely, using a toy traffic light, & practicing looking both ways.

Storytime: Read books about road safety together. Stories with characters your children can relate to will make the lessons stick.

Walk & Talk:Go on walks & discuss the traffic signs & signals you see. Ask questions like, "What does this sign mean?" to make it interactive.

Fun and safety on the road

Here are some tips when on the road:

regular stops & snack breaks: Try to avoid food in car seats. I know, easier said than done right? But eating in car seats can cause food particles to clog buckles & make them ineffective. Instead of eating in the car, plan stops at parks or scenic spots. Not only does this keep the car seat clean, but it also gives your kids a chance to stretch their legs & play. Pack a picnic and turn it into a mini adventure. It also allows you to have a quick break too, which is so important as the driver!

play & learn: Use travel time to teach road safety. Point out different vehicles, road signs & traffic lights. Ask your kids to identify them & explain what they mean.

proper drying: After activities like swimming, make sure your child is completely dry before placing them in their car seat, as moisture can contribute to mold growth & compromise the seat's integrity. Turn drying off into a game- have a race to see who can dry off the fastest or make it a fun ritual with a special drying-off song. Even let your kiddo pick out their own special towel for drying off after swimming. This makes it more exciting & encourages them to get thoroughly dry.

Acknowledging our road safety heroes

Let’s not forget to thank the people who make our roads safer—traffic officers, engineers, educators, & community leaders. Teach your children to appreciate these heroes by writing thank-you notes or drawing pictures. Showing gratitude helps children understand the value of community efforts in road safety

Be a road safety hero: car seat safety

One of the simplest & most impactful ways we as parents can be road safety heroes is by ensuring child car seats are used, installed & most importantly maintained correctly. When our children are babies, it's our responsibility to know how to do this. As they grow older, we can involve them in the process & use this as an opportunity to teach them about car seat safety too. Here’s how you can make car seat safety a part of your routine: (& we all know that only good things happen when we make them a routine! 😊)

Read the Manual Together: Turn the car seat manual into a scavenger hunt. Find the important instructions together & make sure you understand how to install & use the seat properly. Kids love playing games like this e.g. where should my headrest be to keep my head safe... & knowledge is power, remember to make it fun! 😎

Cleaning Day: Make cleaning the car seat a family activity. Let your kids help with simple tasks like vacuuming crumbs. Believe me, this simple task needs to be done 'cos crumbs can clog buckles making them ineffective. Explain why it’s important to keep the seat clean—like preventing mold & mildew, which can harm their health. 😷

Upgrade Time: When it’s time to upgrade the car seat, involve your child in choosing the new one. Explain how it keeps them safe & why it’s important to have the right size. Show them which parts of their car seat keeps which parts of their bodies safe. 😇

The best in car seat safety

When it comes to choosing the safest and most reliable car seats for your child, R129 certified car seats are superior. The R129 certification, also known as i-Size, is the latest European standard for car seats, which focuses on enhanced protection for children in the event of a collision. These car seats are designed to be easy to install & provide superior safety features, including improved side-impact protection & better compatibility with vehicle seats.

phil&teds® car seats are all R129 safety certified, & for good reason.

  • Here are reasons why I advocate R129:
  • it's all about the height of your kid – NOT weight or age – so less confusion of when to adjust or change your car seat;
  • it enforces rear-facing for much longer, at least until 15mths;
  • they offer superior side impact and rotational protection; they ALWAYS allow continual correct installation into the car with the ISOFIX points.

These seats are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that there is no more guesswork. R129 incorporates the latest safety technologies to give you peace of mind that your child is as safe as possible while on the road. & as a certified child restraint technician myself, I am a passionate advocate of car seat safety, & taking the guesswork out!

(NZ only) To find out more about R129 i-Size, the different ages&stages of our car seats, & other features, visit phil&teds® drive one of the categories that helps you adapt&survive your parenting day! 😘

Road Safety Week is a wonderful reminder of the important role we play in keeping our roads safe. & as parents, we can be road safety heroes by maintaining our car seats, educating our children, & modeling safe behaviours. By making these practices a part of our daily lives, we ensure our children's safety & create lasting memories together. Let’s embrace this opportunity to be heroes for our families & our communities, making road safety a priority for everyone! 🥰

Sofia 🩷

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