gift cards

What is a phil&teds® gift card?

    A phil&teds gift card is the perfect gift solution. A pre-loaded gift card with either NZD $25, $50, or $100 that can be used to purchase anything on our web store.

    Where can I use my gift card?

    A phil&teds gift card can only be used on the store purchased. For example, if your gift card was purchased on our New Zealand website, it cannot be redeemed on the Australian website and vice versa. As such, if you wanted to purchase a gift card for someone in another country, please ensure you purchase from the gift card user’s own country.

    What is the expiry date for my gift card?

    Gift cards expire after 3 years from date of purchase in New Zealand.

    Can I choose my gift card amount?

    Gift card amounts are preset to convenient denominations that offer a range of values. You can purchase multiple vouchers if you wish to make up a certain figure. To see the amounts available, they can be seen on our gift card page here

    Where is my gift card code?

    On purchase, your gift card code will be emailed to the address used to purchase the gift card. Check your spam folder if you do not see the email. No email? Contact us here

    How much is left on my gift card?

    If you're unsure what amount is left on your gift card, please contact us here or on our live chat. We can check the remaining balance on your gift card, along with its expiry date. Please have the last 4 digits of your gift card code on hand when inquiring.

    What can I purchase with my gift card?

    Any items available on our webshop can be purchased with a gift card. Please note that gift cards can only be redeemed in the region they were originally purchased in. (As such, if you wanted to purchase a gift card for someone in another country, please ensure you purchase from the gift card users own country.)

    I have more than one gift card. Can I use both in a single purchase?

    Yes, you can use as many gift cards as you want on an order.

    The value of the item I want is greater than my gift card amount, can I still purchase the item?

    Yes. If the total order amount exceeds the balance of the gift card, you can simply use a different payment method to pay the remaining balance.

    Can I return or refund my gift card?

    All gift card purchases are final and cannot be returned or refunded under any circumstances. Gift cards are under no circumstances redeemable for cash.

    I want to purchase a gift card worth more than $100. Can I do this?

    While $100 is the maximum amount you can put on a single gift card, you can purchase multiple gift cards that add up to your desired amount.

    Can I top-up my gift card?

    Once a gift card is generated, the amount on the said gift card cannot be increased, however, you can purchase additional cards as needed.

    My gift card was lost/stolen. What can I do?

    We’re very sorry to hear about your gift card. Unfortunately, we cannot replace gift cards if their code has been stolen or misplaced. We can, however, resend the code for unused gift cards to the original purchaser’s email address.