SUPPORT - early model explorer and hammerhead buggies - free frame swap

We’re always seeking ways to improve the function and safety of products through our continuous innovation program, and when feasible to do so we make those improvements available to owners of older versions of the product.

We implemented the upgrade in production some months ago, creating ‘Series 2’ Explorer and Hammerhead buggies, and are undertaking an initiative to make the new brake available to owners of Series 1 (pre January 2011) Explorer and Hammerhead buggies, identifiable by serial numbers between 0610/0001(June 2010, unit number 1),  and 0111/4788(January 2011, unit number 4788).  The serial numbers are read as follows – MMYY/unit number

In cooperation with the CPSC and Health Canada, phil&teds, USA is announcing a recall of our explorer and hammerhead strollers. The brakes may fail on affected strollers, posing a risk of injury. This will involve, free of charge to all affected consumers, a new brake assembly.

Our solution is to replace the brake assembly with the upgraded ‘Series 2’ system.  In the case of explorer owners phil&teds will send consumers a complete new frame fitted with a new brake assembly.  Explorer consumers can perform an in-home swap out of the affected frame.  For hammerhead consumers, phil&teds will provide a pre-paid return shipping carton so the stroller can be returned to phil&teds where the brake assembly will be replaced and the stroller returned to you.

Higher than normal warranty repair levels have been recorded in other countries, to Series 1 hammerhead and explorer strollers, and reports of users experiencing brake failure, which of course presents a potential safety risk.  There have been no incidents reported in the USA or Canada.

We ask that you identify if your stroller is affected (see below). If it is, stop using the stroller immediately and request a free brake assembly upgrade by either:

1) clicking on the link below and submitting your information in the form

2) or via the dedicated toll free phone line –   800-839-4985

NOTE: this only applies to pre-January-2011 explorers and hammerheads; it does not apply to newer explorers and hammerheads which already have the Series 2 brake; nor does it apply to any other model of phil&teds buggy.

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