SUPPORT - e3, sport v1 and twin buggies - free hinge covers

As part of our continuous innovation program and our unwavering commitment to safety we are making available, free of charge, to users of the now discontinued e3, sport v1 and twin buggies, a product improvement, consisting of a set of self-fit hinge covers.

It is clear that some e3/sportv1 inline® buggy users are not using the existing frame-lock straps. In such cases, the buggy may unexpectedly unfold, causing the front part to flip forward. If this happens and the user also has their hand in the folding mechanism, (in spite of the sticker on the frame warning against this), a potential injury hazard exists.

Safety is our first priority and through this voluntary effort we encourage consumers to obtain and fit the free kit which may be obtained via the online order form.

Should you have any queries at all please feel free to contact one of our customer care representative’s here .

phil&teds stresses that all users should read and adhere to the instruction manual which contains valuable safety tips and service recommendations.

open hinge cover instructions PDF